Ground Rules

  • Do not be late to the event. Please arrive at least 15 mins before the event begins. If you arrive after the dating has commenced you may not be able to take part.

  • Do not look at your mobile during dating because it is rude.

  • Please respect each other’s values and viewpoints- we are all different

  • Ask the host questions if you need any help/ clarification during the night

  • Avoid putting others down

  • If you are offended or wish to complain please let the host know

  • Do not move on to the next date until 4 minutes have finished, even if you have no chemistry with person you are currently spending 4 mins with. Imagine how you would feel if someone did that to you

  • Treat others how you wish to be treated

  • Do not drink too much as this can cause you to act out of character and people want to get to know the real you. It could also disrupt the event

  • You will be asked to leave by the host if you become disruptive or have a negative impact on the event

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